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São Paulo Cultural Itinerary

From Augusta to Minhocão, there is no lack of leisure options in São Paulo.

Roteiro cult em São Paulo


Cosmopolitan and pulsating with life, São Paulo offers an array of options for every taste. And for those who insist on a cultural program, well, we’ve got you covered! The city is abuzz with leisure options. Take a look at the itinerary we prepared with you in mind!



Jog at Minhocão, take a stroll along Augusta and drop in at the Pergamon library: enjoy the cultural itinerary around São Paulo in style!





The Costa e Silva Overpass, better known as Minhocão, begins in the neighborhood of Perdizes, in the Western District of the city, and reaches Praça Roosevelt, in the city center. Every night and on Sundays, the road is closed to cars, making an excellent location for jogging, walking or cycling. Perfect for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors together with the city’s urban spirit. Another really cool project involving Minhocão, by photographer and artist Felipe Morozini, is the transformation of the Parque Minhocão area, redefining the overpass structure and transforming the lane into a permanent leisure and green area for the residents of São Paulo. While the project awaits final approval, it’s worth checking out Minhocão on Sundays, with loads of cool events on the go!


Roteiro cult em São Paulo





One simply cannot discuss the cultural itinerary in São Paulo without mentioning Augusta. Home to the contemporary folk, the street offer infinite options in bars, restaurants and clubs for those out for the night in São Paulo. The huge array of party options attracts members of the LGBT community, enjoying the city’s best nightlife alternatives. One of the top attractions is Caos, a mix of antique store during the day and bar with parties at night and a cable TV program on The History Channel. The store offers over a thousand items and, at night, offers a happy hour that stretches into the night to the sound of rock, soul and funk from the 80s. A great option for those wanting a bite to eat is Hamburgueria 162, offering both excellent hamburgers and a great bar vibe. Now, if you’re after a great caipirinha, Bar Violeta is the place for you, serving one of the best on Augusta. And, for fans of TV series, how about a themed bar like Bar Season One Arts&Bar? Thematically decorated and drink names based on series, it certainly can’t be missed!



Pergamon Library


Those hungry for culture and a charming setting must visit the library of the Hotel Pergamon São Paulo Frei Caneca. It boast an incredible collection of books (including historical relics) that was carefully curated over by Pedro Corrêa do Lago. It is the perfect place for those after some more obscure titles within a highly unique setting, in the bohemian neighborhood of Consolação, São Paulo’s cultural hub. Even Irmã Zuleide took a close look and gave it the thumbs up!



Roteiro cult em São Paulo


Beco do Batman


Have you heard of Beco do Batman? It is one of the biggest outdoor street art galleries in Latin America. Located in Vila Madalena, an upper class region of São Paulo, close to the Clínicas metro station. We are going to let you in on a few of the stories and facts surrounding one of the coolest places in the city. Read our complete post about Beco do Batman.



Praça Roosevelt


One of the most visited leisure options in the city center, Praça Roosevelt lies between Ruas Consolação and Augusta. The square is visited by a hugely diverse public, however, its skate park is one of the bigger attractions. Skaters can test their trick skills on stairs, benches and handrails. This is also a favorite for pet owners, with a section of the square reserved for animals, with grass and drinking fountains.



Edifício Copan


Fans of architecture cannot afford to miss a visit to the Copan Building, by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer. Located in the city center, the building is the largest reinforced concrete structure in the country, and its s-shape is always visible on the horizon for those traveling along the city’s main thoroughfares. The view of the city is also quite spectacular from the terrace of the building, but it also draws crowds thanks to the excellent cafés and art galleries.



Edifício Itália


The second largest construction in São Paulo fills the gaze of those who look upon it. But what really grabs people’s attention is the view from the building. From the terrace, visitors are offered a stunning 360° view of São Paulo, and guests can also enjoy the delightful dishes on the Itália Terrace. The building also features a theater, Teatro Itália.



So, ready to pack your bags? Because the best  thing about traveling is enjoying the first-rate itineraries, incredible locations and the best of São Paulo’s culture offered to you by O Bom de Viajar!



Roteiro cult em São Paulo